27 Styles of Rap

The heading really says it all.

Worth having a look see.  Very funny.

He did forget a couple of styles tho!

Most especially Samoan rap.  Honestly.  Feelstyle, Savage, King Kapisi.

Forget the contribution to rugby, league, and netball.  Just be thankful that Germany’s southernmost part of their almost non-existent empire was … Samoa!

(Now it make sense why there are some many German sounding names among Samoans … John Schuster, Konrad Hurrell et al).

Don’t believe me???

While the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 witnessed the birth of the Anzac legend, the first Australian–New Zealand military operation of the First World War was actually the capture of German Samoa in August 1914.

Anyway, here’s here’s a Samoan sampler of some great Kiwi beats.

And let’s not forget all’s he’s got is the dice thing …


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