Bored Games

Yes, I have to find more purpose in my life than the See Me Go gig at San Fran but it did spur me on.

The set list had been lovingly crafted – along with some ridiculously pop and popular numbers, there were some obscure selections as well.

And given that NZ music from 1977-1985 doesn’t cast a particularly large shadow to start with, we are talking about some obscure tracks.

Perhaps my favourite of the less well known was Bored Game’s Joe 90.  Here’s what Flying Nun had to say about it all.

Released the same year as the Dunedin Double, it introduced the music of a 17-year-old Shayne Carter, who would later go on to form the DoubleHappys and Straitjacket Fits.

In the tradition of many great bands they formed while attending high school, debuting at the schools talent contest in 1979 they went on to play a show supporting Toy Love. Featuring Carter as the vocalist the band included the likes of Wayne Elsey (The Stones, DoubleHappys), Terry Moore (The Chills) as well Fraser Batts, Jonathan Moore and Jeff Harford, the band broke up in 1981 before ‚Who Killed Colonel Mustard was released. However, they left behind 4 catchy tracks, packed with teenaged angst manifested in early punk stylings. Now re-mastered as part of the Record Store Day 2014, the release is limited to 1000 copies and includes an insert of previously unseen photos.

For me, the two standout tracks were Joe 90 and Happy Endings.  Joe 90 was about the TV character Joe 90.  Happy Endings was not about Happy Endings … it was about Marilyn Munroe.

Joe 90

Joe 90 – Live at Bodega


Happy Endings


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