See Me Go

A great night at the San Fran Bathhouse on Saturday night.

It was a great trip down “mmm-I-remember that song” lane.

Too many highlights to mention but a few thoughts managed to survive the IPA (Abandoned) and the late finish.  Or it could potentially have been an early start if I had decided to stay up.

The period 1977-1985 was formative for the NZ music industry.  OK, so it’s hard to compete with what was coming out of the UK in the same period but that’s the wrong comparison.

Prior to that period, it was almost criminal to listen or even like NZ music – with rare exceptions.  NZ radio – apart from ZM late at night and student radio – helped not at all.

NZ music wasn’t commercial.  So it was never played on commercial radio.  So almost no one could hear it.  So they couldn’t buy it.  So NZ music could never be commercial.

Yes, a lot of the music from that period was overly derivative.  But equally a lot of it was just good music and frankly stood the test of time suprisingly well, especially considering the poor recording facilities.

It was a great night and hats off the San Fran for having the cajoles to feature NZ music.

Ohh, and here’s the Meemees with See Me Go – # 1!


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