See Me Go – Setlist

Source and thanks to: Atomic

Fetus Productions – What’s Going On
Tall Dwarfs – Nothing’s Going To Happen
Beat Rhythm Fashion – Beings Rest Finally
Double Happys – Anyone Else Would
Shane Carter & Peter Jeffries – Randolph’s Going Home
Sneaky Feelings – Throwing Stones
The Wastrels – Angels In Silence
Freudian Slips – Don’t Look Up
Look Blue Go Purple – I Don’t Want You Anyway
Netherworld Dancing Toys – Change To The Contrary
Toy Love – Don’t Ask Me
The Clean – Point That Thing Somewhere Else
Pin Group – Ambivalence
Skeptics – Last Orders
Steroids – Credit Card
Children’s Hour – Caroline’s Dream
The Gordons – Spik & Span
Bongos – Falling
Danse Macabre – Web
Marginal Era – This Heaven
Car Crash Set – Outsider
Pop Mechanix – Radio Song
Space Waltz – Out On The Street
Citizen Band – Rust In My Car
Th’ Dudes – Be Mine Tonight
Dance Exponents – Victoria
The Clean – Anything Can Happen
The Chills – Pink Frost
The Verlaines – Pyromaniac
The Bats – I Go Wild
Look Blue Go Purple – Cactus Cat
Bird Nest Roys – Ain’t Mutatin’
The Stones – Gunner Ho
The Newmatics – Riot Squad
The Mockers – Trendy Lefties
Herbs – French Letter
Penknife Glides – Taking The Weight Off
The Instigators – Hope She’s Alright
Pop Mechanix – Now
The Swingers – One Good Reason
The Dabs – Love The Army
Herco Pilots – Essential Services
Blam Blam Blam – Don’t Fight It Marsha
Screaming Meemees – Sunday Boys
The Clean – Billy Two
Look Blue Go Purple – Circumspect Penelope
The Verlaines – Death & The Maiden
Split Enz – I Got You
Mi-Sex – Computer Games
The Knobz – Culture
DD Smash – Devil You Know
Dance Exponents – Airway Spies
Pop Mechanix – Jumping Out A Window
Blam Blam Blam – There Is No Depression In New Zealand
Screaming Meemees – See Me Go
The Swingers – Counting The Beat
Split Enz – Shark Attack
Hello Sailor – Gutter Black
Th’ Dudes – Bliss
Sharon O’Neill – Maxine
Dragon – April Sun In Cuba
The Crocodiles – Tears
The Mockers – Forever Tuesday Morning
Shona Laing – (Glad I’m Not) A Kennedy
Coconut Rough – Sierra Leone
The Body Electric – Pulsing
Car Crash Set – Those Days
Danse Macabre – Between The Lines
Screaming Meemees – Stars In My Eyes
Ballare – Dancing
Split Enz – History Never Repeats
Suburban Reptiles – Saturday Night, Stay At Home
Androidss – Auckland Tonight
The Terrorways – Short Haired Rock n Roll
Proud Scum – Suicide 2
Toy Love – Squeeze
The Scavengers – Mysterex
The Clean – Tally Ho
The Chills – I Love My Leather Jacket
The Bats – Made Up In Blue
Bored Games – Joe 90
Snapper – Buddy
Tall Dwarfs – The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
The Clean – Beatnik
Spelling Mistakes – Feel So Good
Techtones – That Girl
The Mockers – One Black Friday
Split Enz – Six Months In A Leaky Boat
Th’ Dudes – Right First Time
Hello Sailor – Blue Lady
The Chills – Kaleidoscope World
The Bats – North By North
The Gordons – Coalminer’s Song
Straitjacket Fits – She Speeds
The Verlaines – Joed Out
The Pterodactyls – Every Time It Rains
The Clean – Getting Older
Proud Scum – I Am A Rabbit
Toy Love – Pull Down The Shades
Dance Exponents – I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue)
Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over


See Me Go

A great night at the San Fran Bathhouse on Saturday night.

It was a great trip down “mmm-I-remember that song” lane.

Too many highlights to mention but a few thoughts managed to survive the IPA (Abandoned) and the late finish.  Or it could potentially have been an early start if I had decided to stay up.

The period 1977-1985 was formative for the NZ music industry.  OK, so it’s hard to compete with what was coming out of the UK in the same period but that’s the wrong comparison.

Prior to that period, it was almost criminal to listen or even like NZ music – with rare exceptions.  NZ radio – apart from ZM late at night and student radio – helped not at all.

NZ music wasn’t commercial.  So it was never played on commercial radio.  So almost no one could hear it.  So they couldn’t buy it.  So NZ music could never be commercial.

Yes, a lot of the music from that period was overly derivative.  But equally a lot of it was just good music and frankly stood the test of time suprisingly well, especially considering the poor recording facilities.

It was a great night and hats off the San Fran for having the cajoles to feature NZ music.

Ohh, and here’s the Meemees with See Me Go – # 1!

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