Where’s Me Jumper

I blame Netflix.

Not that there aren’t 100 other ways to kill an evening but Netflix isn’t the worst answer.

Just not sure what the question is.

Anyway, there I was watching a highly rated Irish movie (where were the subtitles when I needed them).  The Young Offenders.  T’was funny to be sure, to be sure.  And apparently enough truth to it to be based on a true story.

The soundtrack was pretty good actually.  Didn’t know most/all of it as it was mostly obscure local bands.  Well, obscure if you were living all the way in NZ in the 1990s.

This song played over the closing credits – I knew it wasn’t the Fall (the singer wasn’t pissed as a newt for one and I could understand the lyrics) but God did it sound like a Fall song.

The Sultans of Ping FC – Where’s Me Jumper


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