The Ruts – Bodega – 20 November 2015

I was at See Me Go at the weekend.

Yes, if it wasn’t for See Me Go I wouldn’t have got motivated to start this little thing up but I digress.

P, a fellow gigger (or perhaps gigster??), made reference to the Ruts tee I was wearing.  It was black of course.  Apart from the bits that weren’t.

The Ruts gig was one of the best at the sadly very much missed Bodega.  Yes, they had some great songs but the band had a great attitude and really seemed to enjoy themselves and the audience.  The sound was also great that night – it can be a little hit and miss at Bodega but that night in particular the sound was superb.

If there was a top ten list of songs I never expected to see live played by the original artist (or as close as you can get to the original artist/line-up etc) then I would definitely have In A Rut on that list.

In A Rut – Live – Bodega


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